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Who we are

Cormach is located in Correggio, the house land of the Automotive Service equipment for garage and tyreshops, just like Tyre Changers. Born in 1989, it was established by its founder Mr Gianfranco Cabassi.

Since the beginning, the target of the company was to introduce on the market up-to-date equipment together with the continuous aim of their customers’ maximum satisfaction.

Dynamic, flexible and with a modern vision and the desire to afford the challenges and incentives of an evolving market: these are the characteristics which, since ever, enabled CORMACH to be in few years one of the main players of the domestic and worldwide market.

The company policy bases on some Key Point values, which are essential in CORMACH:

NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND HIGH QUALITY: the Cormach products are always in progress for being updated, under the point of technology as well as in the performances. All manufactured in accordance with EEC rules, they are each one-by-one quality tested.

TRAINING: Cormach pays lot of attention to the vocational training of its people by offering technical and professional courses. We also wish to offer the same attention to our customers and collaborators: since 2012 there is a training center in the other premises located in Via Bonacini (always Correggio). The center purpose is to support the real training of the equipment, for both use and service, on our tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel alignments, as a well-trained technician is an incomparable benefit for the tyreshop.
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AFTERSALE SERVICE: Cormach also offers a valuable after sale technical service supporting the customer with our professional technicians and with up to date technical documentation, thus assuring a quick answer to all the requests.
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YOU CAN FIND US: we are present on main domestic and international automotive fairs.

We care about...



Even in Cormach the time is valuable: we provide quick replies and our lead time is fast. We are happy to offer a fast and easy access to information by ensuring a direct and constant contact in the company.



The great flexibility has always been our strength and advantage, in the deliveries as well as in meeting the special requirements of our valuable customers.



Each request receives our full attention because our clients are unique and important. We work close to them and with them we share the goals by offering a product and a quality service to reach even the highest targets.